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DIY: Teacup Candles

April 22, 2012

Tea cup candles

I saw this tutorial from Martha Stewart, and a friend’s birthday was coming up, so I figured it was time to try out a new craft!

This is extremely easy and cheap, so I foresee a lot of these candles in my future. I got the teacup from Goodwill for $1.99, minus my student discount. There were a lot of $0.99 options, too, but I liked this one best. I chose a glass cup instead of something opaque, so the light will shine through nice and pretty once some of the wax has melted. Then I bought some soy wicks with anchors attached and vanilla-scented soy wax chips from Michael’s. Total for everything: $14.66, and I still have wicks left over. Crafting is awesome.

So, some tutorials will have you melt wax over the stove, but I got the kind you can microwave (why not?), stuck it in a measuring cup and nuked it. I took it out every 30 seconds or so to stir it up with a fork, and it took about 2 minutes all together to melt completely. Glue the anchor to the bottom of the teacup, let it dry, cut the wick to the proper height (the cup’s height plus an inch or so). Then pour the melted wax in slowly and carefully, until it is half an inch from the cup’s rim. Then wait for it to dry. The end.

This took about 5 minutes and cost less than $15, and it could have cost even less if I melted down old candles instead of using new wax (like Martha suggested in her tutorial). You could also buy unscented wax, and add drops of whatever essential oil you prefer, and maybe some food coloring to add color. The best kinds of crafts are easy, fast, and cheap, am I right?

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