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Theatre students make the best subjects

March 18, 2012

Meet Alex Hluch: independent filmmaker, theatre MFA student, and Dr. Who fan.

I took these portraits of him for the Future this week, so look out for the article about him on Monday. Alex is in the process of funding and creating a web series based on the popular British sci-fi show (though different enough not to get sued by BBC), titled “Dr. What.” Shooting should start in August and involve students and alums from UCF, Full Sail, and Valencia, as well as cast members at the various theme parks in Orlando. The problem is, independent filmmakers have no money. If you want to see this series get made, and support a fellow human being and nerd, visit Dr. What’s Indiegogo site and give him your money.


Seriously…theatre students make for great portrait sessions. They’re so used to being onstage and hamming it up, they’re willing to play along when a photographer wants to get fun photos! Plus, the Theater Building has random props and rooms with big black curtains, blue gym mats, and giant mirrors as an added bonus.

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