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Weekly Roundup: Volume 2, Issue 6

February 13, 2012

1.Gainesville and other exciting things
The most noteworthy thing I did this week was my short trip to Gainesville with my documentary folks to screen at PCCNCF. That’s a really long acronym, and I don’t remember what it stands for, but the place is basically Gainesville’s community Pride center. The screening went well, and we had about 26 people in attendance. I had a great time road tripping with the crew, singing songs, stopping at tacky Florida citrus shops, eating at Tasty Buddha (so tasty), and such. Also, Chuck Woods asked if we knew of any good clubs in Orlando. He’s officially much cooler than any of us Honors students will ever hope to be.

More exciting things: we’ll be heading back to G-ville next month to screen in UF’s student union (which happens to be named after the former University president who cooperated with the Johns Committee). We’ll also be screening in March at Gasparilla Film Festival (awesome!) and the Southeastern Regional Honors Conference (both events will be in Tampa). Our second Kickstarter campaign is already 65% funded, after less than a week! This will help us cover the cost of submitting to festivals, holding screenings, and creating our website. So, I guess you can say that things are going very well for The Committee. Please like us on Facebook. I thrive on the approval of others.

2.Job update
The only news I have is that I DIDN’T get a job with Give Kids the World. Oh well. Kids with cancer just make me sad anyway.

Picture time…

These were for an article about a new tech company that is trying to replace classroom “clickers” with a better software that uses students’ smartphones and such. My room-mate works here!

This is at the Love Your Shorts film festival. I’m working on getting portraits of the UCF students who screened there.

These are at CAB’s Battle of the DJs. It was what it sounds like.

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