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Weekly Roundup: Volume 2, Issue 3

January 24, 2012

Life has called me away from my blog for the past few days, and I apologize for my tardiness! I’ve been doing lots of shooting, lots of homework, and lots of trying to keep above water. So, here’s a quick little post for last week:

I had my first meeting for post-production of last semester’s documentary. now titled “The Committee”. Only a handful of us students are continuing with the project, and this week we talked about starting another Kickstarter campaign to cover the cost of submitting the film to festivals, which we’re in the process of doing. It’s already been submitted for the College Television Awards and another whose name I can’t recall. We’re also working on getting screenings, so I’ll keep you up to date!

2.The world
What’s happening? Seriously. Website blackouts, protests, the circus that is the Presidential primary. I feel so distanced from these things, but they’re actually all quite close to home. Surrounded by opinions, I feel like I don’t have a good grasp of my own feelings about these things. I’ll figure it out with time. Sometimes I miss the days when I never paid attention to the news!

Here are some photos from this week…

Improv UKnighted performing at Natura. Here’s the article.

Improv UKnighted at Natura

Improv UKnighted at Natura

This guy is a professor at UCF and co-founder of Men’s Health Initiative. Here’s the article.

Michael Rovito

This article didn’t end up getting published for some reason, but this girl is a women’s studies minor who will be presenting her research about the importance of heritage in the world of Harry Potter, particularly how the magical genes tend to come from the women in Ms. Rowling’s work. Cool, right?

Rebecca Miles

4.Some beautiful music
It’s Tuesday! Keep on truckin!

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