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Weekly Roundup: Exam Edition

December 11, 2011

First and foremost, the premiere of Florida’s Purge was a success! The turnout was good, and I had the pleasure of having both Abel and Uncle Joe there to see it. It was my first time seeing the entire, completed film, so I was thrilled to see our hard work on the big-ish screen. The class has been quite an experience for me. I signed up because I wanted to make a documentary, and ended up learning a lot about history and culture along the way. It’s been interesting; I describe myself as politically liberal and spiritually conservative, so the experience was challenging on multiple levels. Oh, internal conflict!

I’ve signed up to continue working on the documentary as a zero-credit-hour independent study. A few other classmates will be doing this as well. This isn’t the last you’ll hear of the Johns Committee! What are the next steps for spring? We will be submitting the film to festivals and trying to make it more public. We will continue editing, and it will most likely grow larger. Something we wanted to include, but didn’t have time on the first cut, was more about present-day Florida teachers. We interviewed two homosexual teachers who haven’t been put into the film yet, as well as representatives from Broward County and Safe Schools. Stay on the lookout! You’ll hear more about this next semester.

Chuck Woods and Ruth Jensen (two Johns Committee survivors) meet for the first time.

Dr. Mills (professor/director) and Logan Kriete (producer)


2.Nonfiction Portfolio. It’s for real.
My final portfolio for nonfiction class ended up being 50-something pages! But that includes two drafts of two different stories, and a couple reflections, so it’s not a huge deal. I’m very pleased with how my two major pieces turned out, but several of the smaller stories I wrote for exercises and homework weren’t bad either. Overall, it was a successful semester as far as creative writing goes, and I’m glad. This was my second and final nonfiction class, and I’m sad to leave it behind. It’s definitely my genre of choice. I can’t post anything I wrote at the moment, because I’m in the process of submitting things to contests, and possibly some literary journals, and some of them get testy about a story being previously published, even if it is just on a blog. Maybe one day you’ll be able to read my stories…and in a real, published format!

3.Video project (again)
In case you missed it, here’s my final project for Converged Journalism:


Before my partner and I started the project, our professor told me that someone did a project on Pet Rescue by Judy every semester, and that he always had problems with them. There weren’t real stories or characters, too many sad dogs in cages, no adoption scenes, etc. I’m happy to report that Professor Speere was thrilled with our project, and told us it was the best Pet Rescue video he’d seen thus far. Huzzah! I couldn’t have done it without my partner, Lily, and Abel, who came out to the shelter one day and provided moral support, and is so chatty that he got the skittish volunteers to talk to us. Go team!

4.The obligatory “I think I’m not going to graduate” moment
It happened for about 20 minutes. After visiting an advisor (which is something you’re supposed to do throughout your college career…not just at the end), I learned that I need to get permission to substitute classes…I can’t just decide that it’s ok. Everything ended up working out, but there was a period of time when I was bad at searching for classes on UCF’s online scheduling program, and I thought there were either no journalism classes for me to take, or only Sports Reporting. I don’t know what would have been worse. Good thing Abel helped me realize my inept searching skills, and I found more classes!

Seriously, it’s my favorite holiday. It kicks other holiday’s butts. So, a couple roomies and I put up some decorations. It’s all very simple, but it’s also nice to see our house have a little Christmas cheer. I usually ger stressed out when I look around our house, because of its usual messiness, so this is a nice change!

Probably my favorite -- I wrapped up a painting!

We lad luau lanterns hanging up here for a very long time. I replaced them with ornaments.

The tree. It's in progress.


6.Coming soon…
Lots of fun stuff on the horizon, although at the moment I’m simply enjoying having nothing to do. I’ll be heading back home in a couple weeks, and then I’ll be spending Christmas in St. Augustine with the fam. I’m hoping to have lots of reading and crafting time during the break. Next semester (my last one!!!) I’m signed up for Online Publishing, Advanced Poetry Writing, Art of Cinema, and Cinematic Expression. I’ll be the Senior Staff Photographer at the Central Florida Future, and Vice President of Lambda Pi Eta (the communication honor society). I’m also going to try to be more social, so we’ll see how that turns out. I’m not much of a butterfly, socially speaking. I’m more like an awkward giraffe or something.

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  1. Mom permalink
    December 12, 2011 7:41 am

    You make me proud on so many levels, and, by the way, giraffes are beautiful!

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