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Weekly Roundup: Volume 1, Issue 18

November 21, 2011

I’d like to present a special two-week edition, one day late, due to school and a music festival and a parade and a boyfriend calling away my attention. Enjoy!

1. Orlando Calling
It happened! I’m not going to lie, I probably got too excited about this. It was a fun time though. The Pixies and The Avett Brothers were my favorites, for sure. Abel, his friend Robbie, and I were crammed near the front of the stage for the Pixies, which made it a bit uncomfortable, but when they said they were going to play Doolittle…all of it, beginning to end, my happiness overcame the weirdness of bumping up against random smokers and other people I don’t know. It was a great show. The day was tiring, and probably not worth the $95 I paid for my ticket, but hey, it was a good experience.

2. Video project
It’s finally finished! There were difficulties with technology and my partner along the way, but I think the end result isn’t bad.

3. Zombie Town
Last Sunday, Abel, our friend Brandon, and I attended PlayFest at the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre. PlayFest is an event in which playwrights can test their new work on an audience and receive feedback. We saw a reading of the play Zombie Town, written by Tim Bauer. It’s a humorous “documentary play” about a town that gets overrun by zombies and stuff. It was pretty enjoyable, though zombies are getting a bit tiring. I think I liked it more than Abel and Brandon. I can’t say “You should go see this,” since it’s not actually in production, but if it ever becomes a real thing, I’d recommend it, if you’re in the mood for a laugh.
4. Sondre Lerche
Dave, Joel, and I saw him play at the Social on Tuesday night. We love him. Seriously, he’s probably my favorite little Norwegian dude. Dave and I saw him last year, too. It’s impossible to go to his shows and not have a crush on him. Just ask my two straight guy friends.

Oh yeah, he also has 6 eyes. I forgot to mention that.

5. Foxes
They ARE cute, no matter what my disbelieving boyfriend says!

Gamespot forum agrees with me.

6. Traveling Mercies
My creative writing professor recommended Anne Lamott to me, and I just happened to have two of her books (thanks to Uncle Joe), so began this one this weekend. So far so good, but I’m a fan of good memoir, so I doubt I’ll end up disliking it.

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