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Weekly Roundup: Volume 1, Issue 17

November 6, 2011

1.Documentary Update
I’ve got some great updates this week! To begin, our film’s official Kickstarter page went live. Kickstarter is a website created as a way for artists to find funding for their endeavors, and as of Saturday, our film has raised $539 of our $500 goal. Awesome! It may not seem like much, but this money is going to be put to good use. In order to get all the interviews and footage that will make this film great, a bit of traveling is required, and this will help us cover those expenses. We will be able to purchase more archival material to enhance the film, which we didn’t think we’d be able to do after we ran out of money. This will also help cover post-production expenses like marketing and distribution. I am so thankful to everyone who has backed this project. Even though we hit the goal we set, you can still donate! Just visit our page and pledge to give however much you see fit. The whole class is thrilled and appreciates the generosity of those who have given so far.
We on the script writing team have started the script (again). We’ve changed the vision of the opening of the film, so we had to start over. So far, so good.
The film crew visited St. Augustine last weekend and gathered excellent interviews, and this weekend they’re in Ft. Lauderdale, and I know they’re doing a great job.
Crunch time (editing) is coming up the week after Thanksgiving, which is scary but I’m looking forward to it. We’ve set a date for the premiere: Tuesday, December 6 at 4:30. More info on that soon. We’ll also be submitting the completed film to festivals and such over the next year. Maybe you’ll see us at the Oscars :)

2.What is the What
I finally finished this book! I’ve only been reading it since the beginning of August. No big deal. I enjoyed it though. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 7/10. It’s a tough call, because I was invested in the main character and I learned a lot about Sudan’s recent political history, but the storytelling seemed forced at times. But it’s worth the read, for sure.
The next book in my to-read pile is The Artist’s Way, which Uncle Joe gave me last year. I’m interested in what it has to say, and I’m hoping its claims to be a source of creative inspiration are true. Its spiritual aspects raise some questions in my mind, but I guess we’ll see how it goes!

Illustration by Madison Madison for New York Magazine

Thursday was not a great day at work. It was game day, and I guess our Director of Information Systems likes football and stuff and thought it would be fun to roast a pig at tailgating. That’s OK, but unfortunately, the pig had to defrost in our workroom, which smelled awful. I mean, it’s a dead pig in the office. For someone who eats very little meat, it’s not pleasant. But I got over it.

My partner in my journalism class and I completed the next step of our video project. We drove over it Mt. Dora with Summit Church to shoot video of them gleaning sweet corn at Scott & Long Farms. The experience was great, and the video I collected was OK. It’s definitely something I would do if I got the opportunity to volunteer. I’ve never picked corn before, and you could pick it right off the stalk, shuck it and eat it. I guess that’s how most fruits and vegetables work!

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