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Weekly Roundup: Volume 1, Issue 16

October 30, 2011

1.Capoeira project
It is complete! Click here to view my group’s Soundslide project on Capoeira.

2.Video project
Now that the Soundslide project is done, I have to jump right into a video project for the same class with a new group. My groupmate and I chose to make our video about the Society of St. Andrew, an organization that gleans extra produce from fields to distribute to those in need. On Saturday, I went to a church over in Longwood to record the packaging process. It was pretty neat, although the weather wasn’t so nice. To share the experience with you, I put together a very rough cut of some of the footage I got. Next Saturday, I (and hopefully my groupmate) will be going to a corn gleaning in Mt. Dora. It actually worked out well, because we got both of these shoots in perfect timing for the project, and the gleaning will involve my church, Summit, which will be there for its Nice Serve day. I’m probably more excited about this project than the Capoeira Soundslide, even though the journalism program provided us with poor cameras.

3.Liberal arts majors
To make us all feel better about our futures, my writing professor spent our Thursday class showing us lit pubs we can submit work to, and telling us that successful English majors exists. It was a very nice time! College can be a bit upsetting. We’re often told that we should stay in school as long as possible because we won’t find jobs in this market, and our degrees are useless anyway. That’s why I appreciate when professors stop and tell us that everything is going to be OK. I felt better because of that class time. Perhaps I’ll submit some of my work soon. We’ll see.

I turned in my portfolio this week! It feels so good to have that done, although it’s not due until Wednesday. I’ll find out by the end of November whether or not I passed. I’m pretty sure I will (everyone who looked it over thought it was great), but if I don’t, I have to fix it and add more next semester. No pressure.

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