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DIY: Kirby’s Epic Submarine

October 26, 2011

As I mentioned in my last Roundup, Abel’s birthday was last week, and my boyfriend doesn’t deserve sub-par gifts! This year, what he really wanted was another experience like what we had while we played Kirby’s Epic Yarn together. Unfortunately, there are no similar multiplayer games out at the moment, so I decided to commemorate our cutely knitted time together with a craft. Here’s how I made it, so you can make your own yarn-Kirby art, or just use the technique for other things…

Smiley boyfriend not included


The inspiration


What you’ll need (more details are provided in each step):

  • A canvas, panel, display board, or anything else that can be a backdrop
  • Paint for the backdrop
  • Both thick and thin wire
  • Yarn
  • Felt
  • Thick paper and colored pencils
  • A cotton ball
  • Craft glue


1.The backdrop
I used a 12×16 canvas panel, which can be found at any craft store. Since the Kirby and Prince Fluff I made were submarines, I made a very simple underwater background. Just some nice dark blues, you know.


2.Wire “skeletons”
This step is a bit more difficult if you’re a bit of a perfectionist. I’m not, but it still took me a while. What I did was shape 16-gauge copper wire into the shapes of Kirby and Prince Fluff. Both need oval bodies and simple little propeller-tails, and Kirby also needs a periscope. Just do a quick Google image search of the characters as references. I kept each component separate, and used a thinner copper wire to bind the ovals.


3.Putting on the yarn
For Kirby, you’ll need light pink yarn for the body and dark pink for the tail and periscope; Fluff needs a sort of royal blue for his body and orange for his tail (he doesn’t have a periscope); and both need just a bit of brown yarn for their smiles. This part is mildly tedious, so put on a good podcast or something. Wrap the yarn tightly around each component, securing the ends with a dab of craft glue. I wrapped the ovals/bodies twice, to make them thicker and hide any minor flaws in the shaping.


Stick ’em on there.

For the eyes, I used colored pencils on water-color paper (it’s what I had on hand), but any thick paper will do, and you can use paint or markers or whatever. Pay attention to the shape of the eyes and their placement. You want your characters to look like the real thing, and a haphazard face could ruin your project.

Prince Fluff will need a yellow felt crown and black felt eyebrows. Then, cut short pieces of brown yarn for the cute little smiles. Finally, the part I had a difficult time creating: Kirby’s cottony pink cheeks. After experimenting with a few materials, I settled on cotton balls I had under my bathroom sink. To tint them slightly pink, I ended up putting pink highlighter in a thick layer on my hand, and gently rubbing the cotton ball over it to absorb the ink. It’s a little odd, but trust me, this worked better than trying to highlight the cotton directly.

It's hard to tell in the photo, but the one on the left is the failed highlighted cotton ball, and the two on the right are the successful rubbed cotton balls.


6.Put it all together…




As you can see, I added a couple of bubbles, too. My man loved it. Now, if you or your significant other are more into things like Halo or Call of Duty, I’m sure you can use this technique to make some of those characters as well. Modern Warfare is supposed to be cute, right?

Happy crafting!

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  1. October 26, 2011 11:14 pm

    Made your photo of it my new background for my PC. C’est tres bien! Excellent work, babe, as usual! :)


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