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Weekly Roundup: Volume 1, Issue 14

October 16, 2011

Mixed media art by Tom Abbott

1.Winter Springs Festival of the Arts
I shot this event for the Observer on Saturday. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was actually a great festival. Many of the artists used Florida as a distinct inspiration for their work, which I appreciated. Walking through all the different booths, I began to think about how difficult it would be, as an artist, to sit in a chair and watch people react to your work. I would hate to see people pay no interest to the art that I give my heart and soul to, but then it would be rewarding when viewers truly “get it.” This is probably why I don’t do as much art photography anymore! Anyway, my photos turned out well, so hopefully I’ll be able to post a link to the gallery next week…I hope you’ll take time to look at and admire them!

William Kidd

William Kidd ceramic art

2.Urban Rethink
For The Florida Review, I attended my first ever reading at downtown Orlando’s Urban Rethink. The monthly event, called Parcels, features MFA students from UCF, and several who read this month were interns with TFR. Urban Rethink is a neat place, and the readings were good, so I’m excited to go more often. Maybe I’ll participate one day! As far as the podcast I’m supposed to make…we’ll see how that goes. I recorded the readings, but I’m in project overload right now. I really hope I can pull it together! All I really need to do is edit the audio, narrate a bit, and then figure out how to make it a podcast.

3.Beer bread
Coworker Robert baked me a loaf of beer bread as a thank-you for picking up his shift last Friday. It was yummy! Also, he gave it to me on Monday, which was NOT a good day for me, so the bread certainly cheered me up. Moral of this story: do nice things for people, because a loaf of bread could be the best part of someone’s day.

My first manuscript for nonfiction was workshopped this week. I probably won’t post it (for personal reasons), but it fared well in class. Of course, there’s still much to work on, but I was relieved. It’s difficult to give your fledgling work to 16 people, but worth it. Perhaps that’s the theme of this Roundup: presenting your creation to the world, for better or worse.

5.Documentary update
We gathered more great interviews this week! The book that basically inspired our documentary, And They Were Wonderful Teachers, was written by Dr. Karen Graves, an associate professor of education. Yep. We interviewed her. It went very well! I got to ask the questions, which was exciting, and she gave such great answers. She was very friendly too! We also got two Florida public school teachers to interview, which went halfway well. One teacher made phrasing questions difficult because he doesn’t like labels and simply doesn’t talk about being gay…so all my questions about life as a gay teacher weren’t quite applicable. That was pretty much all the questions. The other teacher was awesome. My team also began writing the actual script for the documentary on Friday. We’re an easily distracted group, but we made progress. We wrote about 2.5 pages of audio-visual script. In the end, there will be 20-30. It’s a start, and I think it will be enough to impress the class.

Karen Graves (photo by Logan Kriete)

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  1. Lisa permalink
    October 16, 2011 1:36 pm

    I think the same thing at art festivals, Amy. Being vulnerable with our creations is hard work.
    Just for the record, I think you are a very gifted artist….and you should hear your grandma brag ;)

    • Amy permalink
      October 16, 2011 5:09 pm

      I can always depend on family to make me feel good :)

  2. October 16, 2011 2:57 pm

    I think you should let me tag along to Rethink with you next time.

    • Amy permalink
      October 16, 2011 5:12 pm

      That could be fun! I would enjoy having you there with me. You might like it, but I’m not sure. At least I wouldn’t have to keep you on the phone while I walked to my car…you could be right next to me if any bad guys come!

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