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Weekly Roundup: Volume 1, Issue 9

September 11, 2011

1. The Glass Castle
For Advanced Nonfiction, I read this memoir by Jeannette Walls. I think she’s at least a runner-up for worst childhood, but I’m learning that a terrible childhood is sort of a requirement for writers of memoir. I guess I won’t be writing one! Despite being horrified for most of it, I loved The Glass Castle. For me, its message was that its well and good to be “free-spirited” and “artistic,” so long as your eccentricity doesn’t bring harm to those who need you…like your children. Walls’ parents didn’t understand this. They loved their children dearly, but were too selfish to take care of them. The father was addicted to alcohol and the hope of getting rich quick. The mother was a self-proclaimed adventure addict. I can hardly believe that all four children made it into adulthood, to be honest. Despite the fact that I thought they weren’t great parents, Walls never really condemns them, which I admire. She shows their good, beautiful, and hopeful side, especially her father’s. It’s going on Amy’s recommended reading list for sure.

2. Parks and Recreation
I tried watching the show when it first aired, but I gave up because I wasn’t super interested. Now I’m trying again. I think I like it better this time. I just finished season two, episode three. My main complaint is that the stories usually don’t span more than one episode, and situations that seem like they’ll be big problems only get somewhat resolved by the end of one and then don’t come up again in the next. Also, the characters are quite flat, or one-note you might say. But I’ll keep watching. My only show that’s on now is Project Runway, and might I say that Burt needs to go home as soon as possible!

3. Evangelized…again
There’s a Baptist church that does door-to-door evangelism in my neighborhood, and on Saturday I talked to them for the third time. I suppose this was a follow-up to their last visit, since I told them that I don’t do much evangelizing myself. Of course I know that I SHOULD be making attempts at turning people to Jesus, but door-to-door evangelism is certainly not part of my spiritual gift. I can barely talk to a group of friends without looking nervous. Unfortunately, these Baptists bring their Bibles along, and are good at pointing out verses that highlight the importance of evangelism, and connecting them to other verses to make a nice point.
They connected “Go and make disciples” with “If you love Me, obey My Word,” to insinuate that because I don’t knock on strangers’ doors or stop random people on the street, I’m not a Christian.
I smiled at them and told them you don’t think God wants people running around causing others to question their faith.
They pointed out the verse about “examining yourself,” and threw in Paul saying “woe is me if I do not preach the gospel,” saying that perhaps I should woe myself.
The term “false prophet” comes to mind when I think about these people. “Examining yourself” is not at all the same as knocking on my door and telling me I might not be a Christian. If not evangelizing is a sin, I will repent of it like I would any other sin. There are many things that Jesus told us to do. The fact that I have sin in my life doesn’t disqualify me from Christianity. I have the Spirit, but I am still a fallen human living in a fallen world, and until I meet my Maker, I will struggle with my nature. Even Paul says that he does what he doesn’t want to do, and doesn’t do what he knows he should. Is Paul not in Heaven? Or is evangelism the only requirement?

I’m so long-winded today! Here, watch this gif with a puppy and kitten to make us all feel better:

Cat Petting Dog.


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