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Weekly Roundup: Volume 1, Issue 5

August 7, 2011

1. Last day at Observer
Tuesday was the grand finale of my time at the Winter Park/Maitland Observer. It was bittersweet! This internship both clarified and muddled my ideas of my journalistic future. On one hand, I discovered my ability to write great articles. On the other hand, I did not produce very impressive photography for said articles. When I shot an event or the like for standalone photos, I ended up with some great work. When I went into a situation where I needed to interview a person for an article as well as take photos of them, it seemed like I couldn’t switch between two parts of my brain: the writer brain and the photographer brain. Nevertheless, journalists are being asked more and more to be a one-man-band. If this is going to be my career, I need to get these brains working together. We’ll see whether or not my career path lingers in that direction.

Check out my last two published articles here and here.

2. Artsy fartsy
Novio Abel, our friend Brandon, and I visited the Rollins College art exhibit today. Cheers for free student admission! We all agreed that of the four current exhibits, two were good, and two were complete crap. Now, understand that I hold the view that arguments about what is art are a foolish waste of time. But seriously, these two exhibits were laughable at best. Oh well. Brandon decided that we’re going to get a huge grant to take random photos or do research so we can travel around on someone else’s tab. BUT to try to focus more on the positive, let’s talk about one of the good exhibits! “It’s always rock and roll” was an exhibit featuring the work of photojournalist Janet Mocoska. She’s been shooting the world of rock for over 25 years, and today, she’s the primary photographer for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We were amazed that she was taking photos of rock legends before they were legends. Here’s some of her work:

Devo by Janet Macoska

Alice Cooper by Janet Macoska

INXS by Janet Mocoska

3. DIY Princess
Whenever the HOA gets upset about the state of my house’s lawn, we get our friend James to come over and mow it. This time, he broke one of our sprinkler heads, and that was the beginning of a stressful day in the life of Amy Simpson. Luckily, sprinkler heads are neither expensive nor difficult to repair, so this little lady took it upon herself to fix it today. Whether or not it functions properly is yet to be seen.

Sad broken sprinkler

Happy fixed sprinkler

In case James ever mows your yard, here’s a helpful video on how to fix broken sprinklers.

4. This



Random photo:

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