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Weekly Roundup, Volume 1, Issue 2

July 17, 2011

Ok, I’ve kept up with this series for a whopping two weeks. I’m on a roll! This week, I visited my hometown, West Palm Beach. I’ve had time to relax and time to have fun. This is a quick post…

Maitland Police Department
I visited Maitland PD for my red light camera article, which got bumped again. A police man showed me the whole camera-footage-reviewing operation. It was neat! I would write more about the article, but I wrote a lot last week, and I’m turning in the finished product tomorrow. I’ll post a link to it next week. Isn’t it nice that I visited the authorities but WASN’T in trouble this week? I got a tour of the facility, and let me tell you, I don’t ever want to see those holding facilities from the inside!

No nonsense!

Sushi place
Abel and I enjoyed a night on the town at a random sushi place that featured a dance floor and lights all over the wall, where Abel’s old friend is a transcendental DJ. Long story short, I have always disliked sushi before this day. I probably liked the kind I had at this place because it did not include uncooked fish (just cucumber, cream cheese and fried garlic. Mmmm.)

Greek night
Down in West Palm, the Holbrooks clan (my immediate family, plus an aunt and a million cousins) had a Greek-themed dinner party. You can’t go wrong with so much humus! Sister Emily and I challenged ourselves to dessert, our favorite part of the meal. We made baklava for the first time, and it was so easy and delicious! If you like getting a lot of compliments for something that didn’t take much skill you’ll love this recipe.

Everything is delicious when it's slathered in butter and sugar!

Feather hair
At Premiere Orlando, feather hair extensions were all the rage. In a conversation with my fam about crafting, I briefly mentioned Roomie Erika’s new-found love for making said accessories with anyone who visits the house. That comment led to a “Hey, we should get those! Let’s go!” And now, Sister Emily, Cousin Kelsey and I are all sporting the latest fad and, I suppose, getting in touch with our seemingly distant Cherokee heritage.


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