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Weekly Roundup: Volume 1, Issue 1

July 10, 2011

Oh, look! I have a blog! One would think I had forgotten, since my last post seems like a thousand years ago. Anyway, I’m starting a hopefully weekly series in which I post the highlights of the week, both in my personal life and the life of the world. This is the first. Both heavy and happy things filled this past week, so…enjoy!

1. Jem and the Holograms
After Bible study on Wednesday, we ladies had a very serious discussion about TV shows we remember from the late 80s/early 90s. Roomie Ana introduced us to what might be the most exciting discovery of the week: Jem, a mid-80s cartoon created by Hasbro, Marvel and Sunbow Productions. The show featured a superhero girl band called Jem and the Holograms, who have to protect Jem’s alter ago from rival bands or something like that, while remaining totally fabulous. Please, watch and be amazed.

I have this odd desire to make a modern, live-action Jem movie starring Lady Gaga, even though I’m not a fan of her. Any producers want to fund this?

2. Casey Anthony
I don’t believe much more can be said about this issue, but it took center stage this week. I moved to Orlando about three years ago, and this case spanned that entire time. I feel odd now that it’s finally pretty much over, considering the outcome. The American justice system is one of the few truly precious things that give me hope for this nation. Don’t bash it because you don’t like the outcome of an overly glorified case. You weren’t there, and neither you nor those involved should play God. Again, I refer you to Roomie Ana, who wrote a much more intelligent and meaningful blog post about the issue.

3. Meeting the Office of Student Conduct
This good-girl did something bad! I actually felt pretty terrible about it. I’ve always hated getting in trouble, and this was my first trip to UCF’s Office of Student Conduct. What happened was, in April, I shot a fashion shoot for a feature in Centric Magazine, the product of UCF’s magazine journalism program. The feature was about neat and somewhat hidden places around campus, including the Arboretum, the Meditation Garden and…drum roll please…the roof of the Math & Physics building. As you might guess, roofs on the UCF campus are not open access. Secret knowledge, passed on from student to student for years, is required to access this particular roof. The photos turned out great, but publishing them online was probably not the wisest choice, as University employees found the article and brought it to the attention of OSC. About a month ago, the OSC called a friend of mine who wrote the feature, and gave me a heads up about it, so this wasn’t unexpected. I was still nervous. I went in on Wednesday, and told the woman that I knew we weren’t allowed up there, and that it wasn’t the smartest thing we students had done. Praise the Lord, she let me go with just a “don’t do that again.” Believe me, you will not see Amy Simpson on any more UCF roofs! To my friends who have enjoyed night-time roofing on campus: think twice next time. I know we’ve done some stupid stuff without any consequences, but don’t think that will be the case every time. You might just get caught, like me, or something even worse could happen. So go climb on some less dangerous-and-off-limits things!

4. Justice League
I watched the first episode of The Justice League on Wednesday night. I was really into it.

Wonder Woman owning it

5. 4th of July
Happy birthday, America! This year, I went with some friends to the Avalon Park firework show. I must admit, it was the most horrifying firework display I have ever witnessed. There was no 100 percent certainty that what we were seeing was supposed to happen, which is a problem when what you are seeing is things exploding. They were a bit close for comfort. But we all survived, and played a rousing round of Clue afterward, which I won, making it an excellent game. Oh, Colonel Mustard. Always killing people with the revolver in the ballroom.

6. Red light cameras
I have been working on this Observer article for the past two weeks, giving readers an update on Central Florida’s red light cameras. Are they working? Are they lucrative? The answers are yes and not terribly. Representatives from Orlando, Winter Park and Maitland all said that the cameras deterred red light running, but they did not always make money. Despite what opponents of the cameras say, they were not set in place as a cash grab. Out of the $153 collected from each violation in Florida, $83 goes to the state, and more goes to the camera vendors, who get a monthly cut for upkeep of the equipment. Most of the time, the cities or counties just break even. In a time when no one wants to raise taxes, spending is being slashed and our cities suffer from lack of funds for such necessities as education, a police force and infrastructure, I see nothing wrong with using the cameras, even if the motivation is money. The police can’t be everywhere at once. They have some very important jobs to do. Red light running is selfish and dangerous, and I feel no sympathy for violators who get charged because they were caught on camera risking their lives and the lives of fellow drivers and pedestrians. Red light cameras save lives, and that’s that. But don’t worry; my article will be completely free of my own opinion! I’m a good journalist, yes?

7. Ravioli-veggie stacks
Delicious recipe alert! I got this from Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I used cheese ravioli instead of the meat kind, and it very much boyfriend approved. Enjoy!

8. Firefly
My group of friends loves Firefly, so we had a marathon yesterday. All 14 episodes, plus the movie. Ok, so I wasn’t hard core enough to stay the whole time, but I watched 5 or 6 episodes!

Amy Simpson

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  1. browneyedamazon permalink
    July 11, 2011 5:50 am

    oooh! not one but two honorable mentions? I feel so special :)

    Justice league, Jem, and Firefly in one post makes this some pretty epic writing. Glad you’re back to blogging. I look forward to reading it <3


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