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(Re)Design, part 5: Video Games

March 18, 2011

Finally, folks, I give you the final installment of the redesign series. This was the most difficult at first, but it was an exercise in my Googling skills! Enjoy!

1.Olly Moss (I might as well re-title this series “Olly Moss and some other people”)
The Internet’s favorite illustrator/designer has made some cool book cover video game designs.

I love this game.

2.Steve Thomas
Video games as propaganda. Love it.

3.Boris Lechaftois
Minimalism, of course.

4.The Something Awful Forum
These were all posted on threads calling for classy video game cover redesigns, and some are pretty sweet. See all of them here and here.

By Username: One Year Later

By Username: Recycle Bin

By Username: Wall Balls

By Username: Sub-Actuality

And that’s all she wrote. This was a fun series for me, and I hope you enjoyed it as well.
Be excellent.


Update: here is the rest of the series…
Part 1: Movie Posters
Part 2: Book Covers
Part 3: TV
Part 4: Albums
Part 5: Video Games

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