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(Re)Design, part 3: TV

February 1, 2011

In the third installment of my indulgent, many-part series, we’ll look at artsy, redesigned, and mostly minimalist posters and ads for TV shows. I had a difficult time finding examples for this, but what I did find, I hope you enjoy…

1.Matt Needle
Needle has done several movie posters, but I didn’t find him in time for my movie poster installment. Here’s one he did for Mad Men:

2.Exergian Design
I have to admit, most of these were a bit too minimalist for my taste, but I picked a few of my favorites:

3.Olly Moss (Again)
Apparently Olly Moss is the one of the coolest (design) people on the Internet right now. My blog certainly isn’t the only one talking about him.

For the viral campaign promoting the final season of "Lost"

For the officially licenced Mondo Star Trek print series

4.Mattson Creative

5.Tom Whalen
I like this guy’s style. He has also made many movie posters, so check out his website.

There you have it. In case you missed them, check out my too-in-depth posts on redesigned movie posters and book covers. The next part of the series will be album covers. After that, who knows! If you have any suggestions or requests, let me know.

Update: here is the rest of the series…
Part 1: Movie Posters
Part 2: Book Covers
Part 4: Albums
Part 5: Video Games

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