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(Re)design, Part 1: Movie Posters

January 5, 2011

Today, my wanderings on the Internet (particularly on Drawn) inspired me to post a series on pop culture-themed redesigns by illustrators and other artists. These movie posters were created by truly talented artists. Most draw inspiration from minimalism, and the work continues to blow me away. I urge you to follow the links I provide to their respective web sites, because they really do deserve the attention.

1.Brandon Schaefer


Prints Flickr

2.Olly Moss




3.Moxy Creative House



These are designed like old school paperbacks. So neat, and such a great variety.

5.Laz Marquez
The Birds poster is gorgeous.

6.Tomasz Opasinski
These are particularly interesting in that the artist uses figurines and toys to create the posters.

The first time I saw this kind of redesigned art, I wanted to do it, too. Maybe one day! There’s so much more of this brilliance out there. In the upcoming segments: redesigned album art, book covers, video game cover art, and more. Get ready.


Update: here is the rest of the series…
Part 2: Book Covers
Part 3: TV
Part 4: Albums
Part 5: Video Games

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