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Fun With Politics

November 24, 2010

This week, I was glad to see the New York Times’ Deficit Puzzle featured on their website. Basically, it allows you to choose what spending to cut and taxes to increase in order to fix the nation’s budget. It’s pretty fun to pretend you’re in charge of billions of dollars, but beyond that, I found that it put the policies and numbers that I hear about so much into perspective. Hearing the numbers 14 billion or 157 billion only makes me think, “Wow! What a ton of money!” But to see how those numbers fill (or don’t fill) the deficit offers greater clarity and, as I said, perspective. Overall, I have to give props to NYT for a well done, interactive info graphic.

I’ve solved the deficit three times now, in three different ways. I found it difficult to decide what programs to cut or taxes to raise when I know so little about some of these proposals. Good thing it’s just a game! I don’t like sharing my own political views (I don’t like arguing), but I want to show my most recent solution. Don’t judge! Go ahead and try it yourself. Solving the deficit is a lot more difficult than the angry people on TV make it seem.


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