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Heading Home

August 16, 2010

August 6th marked the beginning of my 11-day vagabond adventure. The lease of my apartment ended on the 6th, and my roommates and I can’t move into our house until tomorrow, so I’ve been in homeless limbo.

The two weeks leading up to move-out day were filled with all the joy that comes along with moving. And by “joy” I mean “stress” and “hot Florida sun beating down on me as I slowly dragged boxes down three flights of stairs, and to my car parked across the street from my apartment building”. It’s times like these that make me thankful for a boyfriend who happens to be generous to a fault. Just kidding. I’m thankful for him all the time. But there’s no way all that stuff would have gotten to its destination without Abel, and also Cheynne, one of my few friends with a truck who everyone loves to call during move in/out time. It was good to finally be moved out, but those couple weeks were sad. My walls looked so bare!

Part of the madness of this time came from the fact that the aforementioned stuff had to be moved to Altamonte, which is a little more than half an hour from Orlando land, so I tried my best to limit the number of trips I had to make. All told, I think it was three. My once-and-future roommate, Laura, and I both kept all our stuff in her family’s garage.

Vagabond shelter #1 was a duplex belonging to a handful of girls I know from Campus Crusade. They all happened to be out of town at the time, so I got a nice little house all to myself. Except the cat. When I walked in and saw the cat, I was pretty distraught, being allergic and all. But the cat and I became good friends. I talked to him a lot. It’s probably for the best that I didn’t stay there too long, because I would have become a crazy cat lady. Unfortunately, friendly as he was, Tigger made the house smell like urine. He also made noises that sounded like a sad small child, but only at night while I was half sleeping. I think he had a good laugh at my freak out over that, but I can’t help it. Ever since I saw The Ring in sixth grade, children have given me the creeps.

After a few days I said goodbye to Tigger and left for vagabond shelter #2, my home in West Palm, and I brought Abel with me. We had a really great time with my mom and brother. If I hadn’t told Joel I’d come back to Orlando to see Scott Pilgrim*, I might have just stayed there for the rest of the time before move-in. I never expect to have a great time while I stay at home. Not because I didn’t have a good experience growing up or anything, but my friends in Orlando mean a lot to me, and I miss them after a while. But we all enjoyed ourselves while we were there.

After driving back to Orlando on Saturday, I saw the movie, and planned on going back to Altamonte to spend the last three nights there before moving in. I knew Laura and her family had been in Greece on vacation, and I realized that I had no idea whether or not they had returned. My friends told me she wasn’t back yet. Luckily, another friend is staying at the house for now, and she let me in the door. Although, she didn’t know I was coming. Surprise! And neither did Laura and her family when they came home. More surprise! I got to hear fun stories from their vacation, and Laura and I painted our kitchen chairs, so it’s been a nice time.

This intrepid time has made me realize how much I long for a home, or at least a room, of my own. Aside from West Palm, the places I’ve been staying haven’t made me feel that comfort you feel when you walk into your own place after a long day. I greatly appreciate having places to stay of course! But my heart and mind long for the Amy-ness of my own space. My friend Erika would say it’s the Taurus in me, longing for security, stability, and comfort. I guess I’m no Jack Kerouac!

My brain has been busy planning out the decor of my future room, and I’m excited about it. It’s the first time I have complete control over how my room will look, and I’m definitely taking the opportunity to use that freedom. I’ve always loved things like Better Homes & Gardens, HGTV, Trading Spaces, etc., and I finally have a chance to actually do the things I like to see to my own space. I’m going to take this experience of the past week and a half and let it inspire me as I create my room. I’m going to tailor it into something I can call home, a place that I will always find comfort in going to. I don’t want to feel homeless anymore.


This is Copernicus, my trusty navigator!

*Scott Pilgrim was, in my opinion, a good, entertaining movie. I haven’t read the comics YET. But I will, and I’m sure I’ll like them better. That’s just how it is with adaptations. Granted, the last quarter of the movie was the worst part of it, but overall, I think it was worth the Regal gift card I spent on seeing it.

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