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Best Creative Writing Group Ever

March 24, 2010

The first writing exercise my group completed for Fiction Writing class perfectly illustrates the someone twisted and extemely random natures of those in the group. In other words, this is a hilarious read (for us at least). It was one of those exercises where each person writes a sentence and passes it to another person in the group, and so on.

The first sentence or so (Two weeks before Christmas, Ellen called me and said, “Faith, I’m dying.” That week I was dying, too.), which Professor Rushin put there to inspire us, is from Grace Paley’s “Living”. I hope you enjoy our continuation of the short story…

“Writing Excercise #1”

by Amy Simpson, Adam Sharaf, Mary Starkey, Collin Margerum, and Janice Adams

Two weeks before Christmas, Ellen called me and said, “Faith, I’m dying.” That week I was dying, too. Ellen was the woman who had taught me to be a woman. She also taught me to fire a gun, and this was the reason I was considered a murdering pshychopath.

I’m sure her intentions for teaching this seemingly unconventional skill were good, but good intentions only get you so far. I think she had higher hopes for me. It’s funny, everything was going great until I moved to San Francisco. San Francisco seemed to me a breeding ground for moving targets upon which I could practice my newly acquired skill.

At first I didn’t want to kill anyone. I would shoot people in the arms and legs first. Knee caps were my favorite, they always screamed the loudest for those. But target practice becomes a sketchy hobby when the targets, although partially paralyzed, can scream for help and end a very successful career. I could see the flashlights creep under the door, the footsteps traveled from the end of the hall and came to rest right outside. I knew they would put an end to my game…unless I stopped them, of course.


And that, my friends, is why creative writing is awesome.


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