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Week 6

February 13, 2010

I did so horribly this week! I only have three day’s worth of pictures to share, but I think they’re pretty good. Sorry I’m such a bum. To make up for it, I’m posting a fiction writing assignment at the bottom. It’s the most non-fictional story I’ve ever written for fiction writing class haha.

Fun with Dave and Joel…

Dave rage-quit Soul Calibur II for the second time that night. Lizardman simply could not withstand Sophitia’s power. And by Sophitia, I mean the Soul Calibur character Joel played as just because being beaten by her, although in a completely fictional sense, was more embarrassing for Dave.
Joel let out a high-pitched cackle, and I said, “It’s ok Dave, video games don’t determine your worth as a person.”
I was the girl, so I said things like that.
“I want a Slurpee,” Dave whined after throwing a pillow at Joel’s head. The pillow missed, because Joel is very tall.
“I want a girlfriend,” was the retort.
Abrupt, but not unusual. And he might have been right about it. Judging by his records, he spent far too much time getting far too good at far too many games: Soul Calibur, Mario Kart, etc. But instead I said, “No you don’t. Dating is stupid.”
I was the only one there who was in a relationship, so I would know all about it, right?
“She’s right,” Dave said. “You just need to get laid.”
I smacked my forehead with my palm, and sighed in an obviously exasperated way. I also blushed. My sheltered, closed-minded Christian high school education did not prepare me for such one-liners. From my corner of the couch, I could see them laugh at me when I said, “That’s not what I meant.”
Joel and Dave were the first friends I found in college, which was important to me because I am bad at finding friends. It is also important because it is probably the least awkward relationship I have ever had with people of the Y-chromosome. Unfortunately, Joel’s roommate had declared that I was a “bro”, most likely so that he could tell stories about what had really happened at band camp without feeling bad about a lady being present.
“You’re a bro. You can’t complain.”
“Thanks, Dave.”
We did not have many serious conversations, so we left off there to go to 7-Eleven. Nothing heals video game angst like Blastin’ Blue Raspberry in an inappropriately large Super Gulp cup, after chatting with the 6’5″ bald man behind the counter who by now knows our faces.


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  1. Alicia permalink
    February 13, 2010 6:29 pm

    I love this. I totally love this.

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