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Let There Be

July 8, 2009

In the beginning, it was only He,
Drifting through Nothing, and then a thought,
A desire within, companionship sought.
Until He finally called out, “Let there be!”
Light! Bursting forth in newness and glory.
Brightness of day and darkness of night wrought
Together, before Him they were brought,
The first objects of creation, to worship Thee.
Did Your eyes burn when you beheld the display,
Brilliance separated from the darkest shade,
When before them as their Maker You stood?
Evening and Morning on the first day,
You looked upon what your Voice had made,
Smiled, and told us it was good.

Surrounded by the Waters, crystalline, flowing,
Immense, but easily gathered into His palm,
Mere drops in His Hand, He whispered, “Peace, be calm.”
Telling them to part, and to His Will forgoing,
They rent in two, droplets fly like seeds for sowing
And as a curtain, the waters parted with aplomb
To reveal something new: Air. The first breath drawn,
He inhaled its crispness, lungs ever growing.
How did it taste when it was not dirty and grey,
When the firmament was freshly laid
And the waters had just parted, as You said they should?
Evening and Morning on the second day,
You looked upon what your Voice had made,
Smiled, and told us it was good.

Stretching out His Hand, He said “Come and gather,”
So the Sea gave way, and there appeared Land,
Swirling dust and an ocean of sand,
Upon which He bestowed not a smatter,
But an abundance of life, or an explosion rather
Of color: greens, yellows, reds, not at all bland.
Petals of flowers and leaves of trees to stand
In beautiful contrast to the Sea’s blueness and lather.
What was it like, to take in the array
Of first floral smells, under first tree shade,
To feel the first velvet moss and first armored wood?
Evening and Morning on the third day,
You looked upon what your Voice had made,
Smiled, and told us it was good.

Perfect lighting was required for the perfect scene,
So He looked to the skies, Imagination spinning,
As He made them, He must have been grinning.
“Sun,” He said, King of Day, and “Moon,” Night’s Queen
With innumerable Stars, wild yet serene.
Swirling through Space, they marked the beginning
Of Time: Seasons, Days, and Years, never hastening.
He perfected even heavenly bodies unseen.
Are these Creations enough to portray
Your inner thoughts that we cannot invade,
All too great to be understood?
Evening and Morning on the fourth day,
You looked upon what your Voice had made,
Smiled, and told us it was good.

The Sea and Sky seemed comparatively bare,
In need of something to take away their lack.
He called them by Name, and was not taken aback
By the sudden swarms, a scaly and feathery fair.
Birds: their cawing, singing, squawking filling the air,
Extravagantly dressed from royal blue to midnight black.
Fish: darting through the waters in a glittering pack
Of swimming magnificence, gilded with flair.
What cacophony did You hear, from eagle to jay,
The singing and splashing as those creatures played;
Did they make noise just for You as You stood?
Evening and Morning on the fifth day,
You looked upon what your Voice had made,
Smiled, and told us it was good.

To accompany the verdant Life on Land, He chose
To form a menagerie of spots, stripes, patterns galore.
Purrs, growls, barks, and calls never heard before
Abounded as the animals first arose.
How they must have run through that place, with no woes
To concern them, no pain of death and no war.
And how He must have loved to create, for He made more
Than a beautiful mind even imagines or knows:
Birds with blue feet, the elephant’s nose, ocelot’s pelt,
Hyena’s laughter (do You laugh along?),
Silver wolf’s howl, and red fox’s silence and swift.
But there was something that wanted, He felt,
A piece missing for which He longed,
For He still had a thing to give, a Gift.

To the dust and dirt He stooped down,
Taking up a handful of Earth and made
A shape. It looked like Him. Into it He laid
His very Breath, and deemed it Creation’s Crown:
Mankind. “Be alive!” He said, with joy abound.
Sparkling Eyes met the new Man, who sat in the shade
Of His protective wings, hearing Nature’s serenade.
And He gave Imagination to His bride in white gown.
Evening and Morning on the sixth day,
You looked upon the loving work of Your Hands,
And told us it was very good, Your perfect song.
Creation completed, to Rest You finally lay.
You made us, knowing we would ruin Your plans,
And through Sin, Your Unfailing Love stood strong.

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  1. gram permalink
    February 25, 2010 11:50 pm

    and He made you Amy as a promise to us that He did not fail to reward us with His beauty and forgiveness. Someone to help us recognize his love of humankind

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