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June 26, 2009

A dream, remembered through the fog,
Beyond the veil of waking life
Where stars collide and colors bend.
I dreamt I became something new,
Carnal, daughter of beast and bird.
With scales of gold and fur of white,
Feathered wings, gleaming skin,
Mind of wisdom, eyes of mortal,
A portent, a sign. What was I?

Wild, I dazzle, shining with light
That quivers like a firefly
And pulsates like a beating heart.
Floating, dancing, formless but sure.
Understanding what I had not
Before, the way you can in sleep.

I flew through the dream air,
Crisp and pure;
Swam through the dream sea,
Icy and bubbling;
And walked the dream earth,
Bursting and verdant.
At once familiar and alien.

Images wavering,
Figures that are familiar
From where, I do not know.
Transcending reality,
Then waning back to consciousness.
I turn. I stir. I wake.

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